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Career as an LIC Insurance Advisor

As an LIC Insurance Advisor, you become part of the nation’s best insurance agents team. Last year, nearly 5,000 LIC agents qualified for a global forum, MDRT, USA. LIC of India has contributed more than 5,000 agents in the world’s most successful association. LIC is India’s most trusted insurance brand. As an agent, you get liberty to be an entrepreneur, chose your own customer and make your own money without any capital investments. LIC takes care of your current and guarantees future income.

LIC Financial Advisor

LIC Financial Advisor is a very prestigious position. As LIC Finacial Advisor, you become a member of the selected community that works in India’s huge Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry.  
Currently, LIC provide solutions for Retirement Planning, Education and Marriage of your Child, Regular cash flow of Income, Guaranteed lifetime Pension through LIC policies  
LIC Agency is an Entrepreneurship or Business from which you can create your Passive Income  
Further, anyone completed 18 years of age and  passed 10th Std or higher can become an LIC agent.  

Job Profile of a LIC Financial Advisor

Prospecting: Identifying the prospective customers and fixing appointment.

Need Analysis: Identifying the needs and getting the prospect agree that need exists. (i.e. Family Income Provision, Children education and Marriage Provision or Retirement Income Provision.)

Plan Presentation: Suggesting suitable plans that fulfill the needs as agreed by the prospect.

Closing the Sale: Convincing the prospect that you have suggested the best possible solution for his needs and ask for the order.

After Sales Service: Provide efficient after sales service and claims settlement.

Attributes you should possess

  • You should be outgoing and love to meet people.
  • You should be ambitious to start your own Business.
  • You should have good communication Skills.
  • You should be willing to work hard with lot of Dedication and Devotion.
  • You should be willing to accept rejections as stepping stones.
Rewarding Career: You will help people realize their dreams by fulfilling their financial goals. The difference you make to their lives is more rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine.
We supports all phases of your business areas. We also encourages all our agents  to achieve highest level of career success. We give awards to our agents for their performance through various competitions which will be held throughout the year.
Based on achieving business level, an agent can become member of several societies, such as the Corporate Club, Chairman Club, Zonal Manager Club, Divisional Manager Club, Branch Manager Club and Distinguished Agents Club and so-on.
LIC allows club Membership agents to open offices as well as it also provides cost of running it. You can own a personalized Premium Point in which you can give printed receipts to policyholders immediately

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Mrs. M. Porkodi., B.Com., A.I.I.I.,

Development Officer - LIC of India

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