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How to become LIC Agent?

LIC Agent

A LIC agent is a very prestigious position. As LIC agent, you become a member of the selected community that works in India’s huge Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry.

LIC agent is a woman or man that promotes life insurance and other insurance policies floated by the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).

Currently, LIC offers various types of life insurance plans. Means, you will promote these financial products from LIC within and outside your social circle.

LIC agents are not employees: it is a form of self-employment or business made possible by India’s largest public sector insurer.

Becoming LIC agent is both, tough and easy. It depends upon your personal skills and aptitude.

Further, anyone above the age of 18 years and has successfully completed Secondary School Certificate (SSC), its equivalent or higher can become LIC agent.

Step-1: LIC Portal - Contact us

The most important and first step to become LIC agent is to register the corporation through LIC portal.

You have to provide basic details including your name, village, town, city or locality where you reside, contact number and email ID and educational qualifications.

While the LIC portal does not say this, I recommend you also include a concise summary- two or three sentences- about reasons why you wish to become LIC agent. This can prove very helpful to the LIC officer processing your registration.

However, the simplest procedure is to contact LIC Adyar Development Manager – Mrs. M. Porkodi to join the most finest team.

Step-2: Interaction with the Development Officer

Once we have received your application, we will be having a small screening and interaction in our branch.

There are no particular questions for which you need to prepare for this. The officer will interact with you about yourself and discuss share valid information regarding general knowledge, money and finances.

Our Development Officer Mrs. M. Porkodi will train your personality, the way you present yourself, etiquette and clarity of speech and others.

We will also provide you with the information regarding the training programme and tips and techniques regarding the Examination. 

Step-3: Free Training

Our Development Officer Mrs.M.Porkodi will ask you to enroll for a free training course. Usually, this will be conducted at our Adyar Branch LIC office in Chennai City. If you are residing in a town or village, it is necessary to travel to the nearest venue where this training course is held.

The training course has 25-hours duration. It is spread over three to four days. During the course, you will learn everything about the life insurance business and what it involves.

You will also learn about the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) and its rules governing life insurance.

IRDAI, as the name says, is an organization of the Indian government that regulates the insurance business in this country. Hence, knowing about this body is extremely important for working as a LIC agent.

Step-4: Register for Exam

Upon successfully completing your interview and training, the next step is registering for the LIC Agent Test (PRT). There are two ways of registering for LIC Agent PRT.

Online: Register yourself at IRDAI portal.
Offline: Register yourself with the nearest LIC branch office.

You can seek the assistance from our LIC Development Officer to register for the Pre Recruitment Test. You will need certain documents to register.

  • Four passport-size color photographs.
  • Photocopy of your SSC or its equivalent or highest education degree mark sheet.
  • Photocopy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card.
    Cancelled Cheque.

If you do not have a bank account, We recommend you open one before applying for LIC Agent Pre Recruitment Test (PRT). Get a cheque book from the bank.Following a judgment by the Supreme Court of India, you do not need an Aadhar Card to open a bank account.

Your PAN card will be enough. However, you will need to provide a valid address proof like ration card, driving license or any documents from the state or Central government.

Having a PAN card is compulsory. So before applying for the Pre Recruitment Test for LIC Agent, get one from the Income Tax Department.

Fees for LIC Agent Exam

Online Registration & Exam
Registration Fee: Rs.150.
Online Training Fee: Rs.150.
Study Material/ Book: Rs.200.
Pre Recruitment Test (Online) fee: Rs.500.
Total: Rs.1,000.

When you register online with IRDAI, you will get a Unique Reference Number and password. Keep the URN safely. You can change the password to remember it better.

Offline Registration & Exam
Registration Fee: Rs.150.
Study Material/ Book: Rs.200.
Pre Recruitment Test (Offline) Fee: Rs.500.
Total: Rs.850

Dates of LIC Exam

There are no fixed dates on which IRDAI conducts Pre Recruitment Tests for aspiring LIC agents. However, once you register for the Pre Recruitment Test, LIC will inform you about the exam dates and venues.

Remember, it is better to check the IRDAI regularly if you are registered online. The LIC portal carries important news about exam dates.

If you have registered offline through our LIC Development Officer or at the LIC branch office, stay in touch with us to know about upcoming Pre Recruitment Tests.

LIC Exam Hall Ticket

Offline applicants for the LIC agent Pre Recruitment Test can collect their exam hall tickets from our LIC office. The ticket has to be attested by a senior LIC officer.

For online applicants, the hall ticket for LIC agent Pre Recruitment Test will be available for download on the IRDAI portal.

Studying for LIC Agent Exam

Actually, studying for the LIC agent entrance exam – also called the LIC agent Pre Recruitment Test is very simple.

Simply visit the Insurance Institute of India (III) website and download the study material. Plus, you have the book from IRDAI/ LIC.

Also, read lots of newspapers and magazines to sharpen general knowledge.

LIC Agent Exam Syllabus

The LIC syllabus consists of English and Hindi languages as well as some basic mathematics and general knowledge.

It also covers various rules, regulations and laws governing life insurance business in India. These laws are made by IRDAI.

You have to complete at least 100 hours of studies before appearing for the LIC agent exam or the Pre Recruitment Test.

LIC Agent Exam

  • This exam is of 60 minutes duration.
    You will be given 50 questions.
  • These questions are objective type- meaning you have to select the right one from the given choice.
  • Each question is worth one mark. Meaning, the entire test is for 50 marks.
  • You need to score at least 18 marks in the LIC agent’s examination to qualify for working. The more marks you score, the better.

Become LIC Agent

Upon successfully completing the Pre Recruitment Test, you are ready to become LIC agent. LIC will issue an appointment letter designating you as their authorized agent. You will also get a license from IRDAI to perform your duties as LIC agent.

Remember, you cannot become LIC agent with just an appointment letter from the corporation. You also need the insurance agency license from IRDAI before getting into this business.

Become LIC agent, give it a try. It can open doors to wealth.