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Policy Services

LIC Adyar - Policy Services

LIC Adyar initiative to provide you with on demand services of LIC of India within a few clicks! You can now have many of the functionalities that were available only at a branch office, online here at your fingertips – LIC

LIC Adyar offer free services such as:

  • Policy Revival
  • NEFT Updation
  • PAN Updation
  • Policy Loan
  • Nominee Updation
  • Address Change
  • Mode Change
  • Nach Updation

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Policy Revival

A policy is said to be lapsed if premium is not paid for 6 months from the date of First Unpaid Premium.

Procedure for reviving the policy – Declaration of Good Health (DGH) has to be submitted (Should be witnessed by a person who is not a relative of the policyholder ) along with any one ID proof (Pancard, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport ) and the full unpaid amount

Policy Revival Form for different categories - Free Download

Declaration of Good Health (DGH) For above 18 Years of age – Form No.680

Declaration of Good Health (DGH) For ages between 10 to 17 Form No.700

Declaration of Good Health (DGH) For ages between 0 to 9 Form No.720

Policy Loan

A Policyholder can take loan in his policy after 2 full year premiums are paid.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Original Policy Bond
  • Loan Application Form
  • Neft Form
  • Photo ID Proof ( Pancard, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport ) Any one Proof
  • Bank Account Details ( Cancelled cheque Leaf with Name Printed or Bank Pass Book front page)

Loan Application Form


Policy Alterations

Alterations during the first year of policy

The following alterations are possible in the 1st Year of taking POLICY:

  • Correction in Name/DOB if it happens to be the mistake of Office
  • Change of address if Proper request with ID Proof/New Address Proof given by Client
  • Change of NACH if Customer wants Monthly Debit from another Bank. Proof for the same to be submitted
  • Nomination Change can be done. Proof of NEW NOMINEE not needed. Only KYC of Customer required
  • Mode Change from MONTHLY NACH to other Mode possible in the FIRST YEAR.
  • Any Other Mode Alteration allowed only after the end of 1st Year

Alterations after the first year of policy

  • Riders like Accident Benefit Rider, AD&DB Rider & PWB Rider can be added after 1 year from the date of commencement.
  • Addition of Accident benefit Rider for the Policy in the name of MINOR LIVES,after they completing 18 years of age
  • PWB (Premium Waiver benefit ) RIDER for PROPOSER, we can add after 1 year from DOC.(Date of Commencement)

Change of Nomination

Nomination Change for existing Policies

A Policyholder can change the nominee of the policy at anytime in between the term of the policy

Procedure to change the Nomination

  • Original Policy Bond
  • Change of Nomination Form ( 2 Copies )
  • ID proof of the Policy holder
  • Transaction Fees Rs.100/-

Form of Notice of Change of Nomination

Form of Nomination - For Minor Nominee

Fresh Nomination

If the minor policyholder completes 18 years of age, fresh nomination has to be registered

Documents Needed:

  • Original Policy Bond
  • Fresh Nomination Form
  • ID Proof
  • PHS 42 (Specimen Signature Form)
  • Transaction Fees Rs.100/-

Duplicate Policy

How to get the duplicate policy?

  • Request Letter from Customer
  • Query Form in Annexure-1
  • Indemnity Bond in Form No.3756 duly Notarized
  • 1 ID Proof + 1 Address Proof
  • Nominal Fees (Around Rs.125) in Cash Counter

Indemnity Bond in Form No.3756

For Settling Maturity / Death Claim

  • Request Letter
  • Query Form in Annexure-1
  • If Claim is < Rs.5000, no Indemnity
  • If Claim > 5000 but < 10000, then Indemnity letter in 3815-A
  • For Claim above 10000, Indemnity Bond in Form No.3815 duly Notarized
  • 1 ID Proof + Address Proof

For Settling Surrender Value

  • Request Letter
  • Form 3815 duly Notarized
  • 1 ID Proof + Address Proof

Indemnity Bond in Form No.3815

Indemnity letter in 3815-A

Indemnity letter in 3815-B

Maturity Claim

For Maturity Claims, the discharge Voucher is sent well in advance to our Customers. The following requirements are to be submitted in respect of MATURITY CLAIM.

  • Original Policy Bond
  • Discharge Voucher
  • NEFT Particulars with Proof
  • ID Proof

Kindly use the editable version of Maturity Form to fill and sign. Send it to [email protected] along with required scanned documents


Maturity Claim Form
Editable Version - Form No. 3825

Specimen Signature Form

Survival Benefit Claim

This is associated with MONEY-BACK type of Policies. Moneyback condition.
The following are the requirements for getting SB CLAIM:

  • Original Policy Bond for Endorsement
  • Discharge Voucher
  • NEFT Particulars with Proof
  • ID Proof

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